Power Machines continue to modernize Luganskaya TPP (DTEK Vostokenergo, Ukraine)

Power Machines OJSC and DTEK Vostokenergo LLC have signed contracts to retrofit turbines of units No. 11 and No. 15 at Luganskaya TPP. 

Prior to signing contracts, the customer announced a tender, which Power Machines won by offering the best technical and economic option for the modernization. Such Ukrainian companies as Turboatom OJSC and Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov Concern (East Ukrainian Power Union of Industrialists Concern) were also among the tenderers. 

According to the terms of the contractual obligations, the Russian power engineering company acts as the general contractor and carries out works to replace the high-pressure cylinder and retrofit the intermediate- and low-pressure cylinders of the K-200-130 turbine for unit No. 15, as well as works to replace the intermediate-pressure cylinder and to modernize the low-pressure cylinder of the K-200-130 turbine for unit No. 11. As a result, the generating capacity of unit No. 11 is to increase from 200 to 214.2 MW (with steam consumption of 614 tons/hour), and that of unit No. 15 ‑ from 200 to 210.2 MW (with steam consumption of 640 tons/hour). The completion of the contractual obligations to retrofit unit No. 11 is scheduled for 2013 and those to modernize unit No. 15 ‑ for 2014. 

The participation of Power Machines in the modernization of Luganskaya TPP is another step in the successful project to retrofit the fleet of steam turbines at Ukrainian thermal power plants by this Russian company. In 2008 – 2010, Power Machines upgraded the low-pressure cylinder of power unit No. 5 turbine and high- and intermediate-pressure cylinders of power unit No. 7 turbine at Kurakhovskaya TPP (DTEK Vostokenergo). As a result, the capacity of each power unit increased by 10 MW. At present Power Machines are participating in the upgrade of the intermediate-pressure cylinder of the К-200-130 turbine for power unit No. 10 at Luganskaya TPP. 

Moreover, in September 2011 Power Machines won a tender and signed a contract with DTEK Vostokenergo to retrofit the 200 MW turbine of power unit No. 13 at Luganskaya TPP. According to the terms of the contract, Power Machines carry out works to replace the high-pressure cylinder and to upgrade the intermediate- and low-pressure cylinders of the unit. The uniqueness of this project consists in using a high-pressure cylinder with reactive blading in the turbine, which significantly increases the turbine rated capacity ‑ from 200 to 217 MW. Modernized unit No. 13 is to be launched by the end of this year.