Power Machines continue taking part in upgrading Piedra del Águila HPP in Argentina

Power Machines and Piedra del Águila HPP have signed contracts to supply a set of PTFE thrust bearing[1] segments of hydropower unit No. 4 generator and to provide supervision services during the installation of similar segments to hydropower unit No. 3 generator. 

The equipment for hydropower unit No. 4 generator is to be delivered in the Q4 of 2012 and timeframe for its installation to hydropower unit No. 3 generator is the Q2 of 2012. 

The signed contracts extend long-term successful co-operation between Power Machines and Argentine hydroelectric power engineers. Within the period from 2007 to 2010 the power engineering company from St. Petersburg supplied and installed similar equipment to the first and second hydropower units of Piedra del Águila HPP. Basing on the results of the completed works and during subsequent operation of the upgraded hydropower units, the customer has noted high quality of the equipment produced by Power Machines. 

Replacement of the previously installed babbit segments with new PTFE ones enables to improve the hydropower unit's performance significantly, expressed in increased reliability, reduced operating costs and extended service life. 

[1] Thrust bearing is a support bearing that accepts forces acting from hydropower unit's rotating parts and axial hydraulic thrust.

Piedra del Águila HPP islocated on the Lamay River in Neuquén Province, Argentina. Its total installed capacity amounts to 1400 MW (4 units, each having a capacity of 350 MW). The plant was put into operation in 1993–1994. The HPP uses four hydropower units manufactured at the Electrosila plant in 1989.