Power Machines completed the production of equipment for the next hydraulic unit at Rybinskaya HPP

PJSC «Power machines» produced the hydraulic turbine impeller for the hydraulic unit (HU) No. 3 of the Rybinskaya HPP. Its delivery to the station is scheduled for August 2019. 

The equipment was manufactured under the contract for the replacement of three units at Rybinskaya HPP, signed between the PJSC «Power machines» and RusHydro in 2015. 

The new hydraulic equipment made by PJSC «Power machines» has improved technical and power characteristics and increased reliability.  Using modern and innovative design methods the company’s designers, managed to increase capacity of each hydraulic turbine by 10 MW. In addition, the impellers have an environmentally safe design with oil-free bushings, which eliminates the possibility of oil entering the water. 

PJSC «Power machines» obligations included: development, manufacture and supply of equipment for hydraulic turbines, hydro generators and auxiliary systems of hydraulic units, as well as their installation, testing and commissioning. 

The first of the three updated hydraulic units (HU No. 1) was put into operation in March 2018. Currently, Power Machines is working on the replacement of HU No. 3, the launch of which is scheduled for the end of this year. HU No. 5 will be the last to be replaced. 

The project completion date is September 2021. As a result of its implementation, the capacity of the Rybinskaya HPP will increase by 30 MW.