Power Machines complete shipping the equipment manufactured for the Chita TPP-1 of JSC «TGC-14» modernization

Power Machines completed the production and shipped the last batch of equipment designed for the modernization of Chita TPP-1 Turbine No.1 A high-pressure cylinder (HPC) of a steam turbine weighing more than 40 tons is among the largest units sent to the client.

The contract to modernize the PT-60-90/13 heat turbine of Chita TPP-1 envisages the production of equipment set for the modernization, including such large assemblies as the HPC, the high pressure rotor and the lock valve box, as well as units for modernization under conditions of the medium and low pressure cylinder station (MLPC). Power Machines experts are to supervise installation as well.

The equipment has been manufactured at the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod which is a part of PJSC «Power machines».

Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod has developed a wide range of technical solutions permitting the shortest time possible and minimal costs to perform both subassembly equipment modernization coupled with an increase of technical/ economical parameters to the present-day level and complete replacement of this type of turbine.

Due to the activities, the 60 MW steam turbine will be retrofitted into a BPT (back pressure turbine). The new wheel steam path of LPC developed by the designers of the company allows to obviate the condenser from work in the course of modernization and to avoid heat loss, directing all the steam to the heating selection during the modernization.

Implementation of the project will increase the reliability of heat and electricity supply of the TPP, extend the service life of the equipment, increase the efficiency of Chita TPP-1 when the turbine is operated in the back pressure mode.

Assembling and mounting of delivered equipment at the Chita TPP-1 is planned to begin the third quarter of this year.