Power Machines completed key stage of installation of second hydropower unit at Kygy HPP under construction in Turkey

On the construction site of Kygy HPP in Turkey the installation of generator rotor to the crater of the second hydropower unit was successfully completed under the guidance of Power Machines' specialists.

Previously, in February 2017, similar works were performed at the first hydropower unit. At the same time, the first hydrogenerator, the second and the third hydroturbines are being assembled on the construction site. The start up of three hydrogenerators is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017.

The contract for manufacturing and supplying of hydraulic equipment for Kygy HPP in Turkey was signed between Power Machines and Turkish company DSI (hydropower and reservoir management of the main government establishment for water resources under the Ministry of forestry and hydraulic engineering structures) on December, 2013.

In compliance with the contract, Power Machines manufactured and supplied electromechanical equipment for HPP on turnkey basis, including three hydroturbines with a capacity of 46.6 MW, each equipped with pre-turbine gate valves and the complete set of electromechanical equipment for machine hall and switchgear.

The project will be completed when all three hydropower units will be put into operation.