Power Machines complete production of hydraulic equipment to reconstruct Baksanskaya HPP in Kabardino-Balkaria

Power Machines have completed the industrial part of their order for Baksanskaya HPP (belonging to the Kabardino-Balkarian branch of RusHydro JSC) by manufacturing the fourth, spare impeller of the hydraulic turbine. After having conducted acceptance tests, the impeller has been packaged and shipped to the plant. 

A contract to manufacture and supply equipment for the reconstruction of Baksanskaya HPP was signed with RusHydro in December 2010. The Power Machines scope of supply includes three sets of power generating equipment, each comprising a hydraulic turbine with its control system, a hydraulic generator with its excitation system, as well as an automated control system for the hydraulic unit. The equipment delivery is attended by installation supervision services of Power Machines specialists and their participation in the commissioning process. The power engineering company’s contractual obligations are scheduled to be completed by June this year. 

Enhanced performance characteristics, including reliability, distinguish the equipment produced by Power Machines. Moreover, the hydraulic turbine impellers and guide vane blades covered with a special protective layer are more resistant to abrasive particles, which can be found in large quantity in the water of the mountain river Baksan, flowing from the glaciers of Mount Elbrus and the Main Caucasus Ridge. It is because of these natural features of the river water, why the Power Machines scope of supply has additionally covered a spare impeller for the hydraulic turbine. 

The equipment supplied is currently being installed at Baksanskaya HPP involving Power Machines experts’ assistance.

As a result of the implementation of this reconstruction project at Baksanskaya HPP - one of the oldest plants belonging to RusHydro - the plant’s installed capacity is to grow from 25 to 27 MW.