Power Machines company proceeded to operations involving shipment of the hydraulic generator No. 6 for Boguchanskaya HPP

Power Machines company proceeded to operations involving shipment of the hydraulic generator destined for hydraulic unit No. 6 of Boguchanskaya HPP – a power plant in Krasnoyarskiy Kray jointly constructed by RusHydro JSC and UC RUSAL.

Under the 2006–2007 contracts signed by Power Machines, on one side, and the partner companies that jointly undertook the construction project – RusHydro JSC and UC RUSAL, – on the other side, Power Machines company is to design and manufacture nine hydraulic turbines and nine hydraulic generators rated at 333 MW each for Boguchanskaya HPP. The plant equipped with these facilities is projected to feature installed capacity of 3,000 MW and long-term annual average generation of 17.6 kWh. For Boguchanskaya HPP, Power Machines company has already manufactured seven hydroturbine sets, nine turbine runners, and seven hydraulic generators. Works to manufacture the eighth hydraulic turbine and the eighth hydraulic generator are currently being completed. by production branches of the St. Petersburg-based power engineering concern.

Power Machines’ equipment located at the plant include seven hydraulic turbines and seven turbine runners as well as major items of equipment for four hydraulic generators. The fifth hydraulic generator’s parts and components are being delivered to the plant by rail. So far, 40% of the equipment has already been stocked in Boguchanskaya’s warehouses. The completion time of the deliveries of hydro generator equipment is scheduled to late 2012 when generators’ individual components are to be manufactured and shipped to Boguchanskaya hydropower station by other manufacturers.

At the moment, works to install hydraulic generators Nos. 1, 2, and 3 are being performed under the Boguchanskaya HPP construction project .