Power Machines Company has finished construction of the Blagoveshchensk TPP, Phase 2 Construction

A grand ceremony dedicated to finished construction of the second phase of Blagoveshchensk TPP featuring capacity of 120 MW took place on December 20, 2016 in Blagoveshchensk (Amur region). Power Machines Company was the General Contractor of unit construction.

The new power-generating facility will relieve Blagoveshchensk from deficiency of heat and help implement requisition demands for connecting new residential neighbourhoods to the heat supply system. The solemn ceremony dedicated to finished construction has been attended by Vladimir Markin, the first deputy Director General of RusHydro, Dmitry Tetenkin, deputy Chairman of the Government of Amur region, and Roman Philippov, Director General of Power Machines.

“It is a great honour for Power Machines to take part in implementing the ambitious state program for building a new generation facility in the Far-Eastern Federal region”, said Roman Philippov. “We are grateful to RusHydro and RAO ES East for the vote of confidence, cooperation and efficient joint work on the project of building the second phase of Blagoveshchensk TPP. The availability of the in-house production facility with Power Machines became an important project component: all the basic generating equipment had been manufactured in Russia at the plants of our company”.

The second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP output its first electric power as far back as December, 2015. In 2016 construction of cooling tower was finished, landscaping and public amenities were provided, fuel feed facilities were reconstructed, internal development roads and external networks were built. In order to reduce impact on the environment, the cutting-edge technologies have been used at the plant. For instance, 98.6% of ash solid particles produced in the process of coal burning will be caught by the electrostatic filters to prevent running into environment. As a result the environmental situation has not changed in the area after commissioning the second phase of TPP.

A social component has been taken into account to a maximum extent in the work on the project. So, subject to agreement with administration of the region and the city with all other economic components held equal, Power Machines Company has given preference to local organizations as subcontractors participating in the plant construction project. During some periods a share of local personnel at the site amounted to about 40%.

The turnkey agreement for rendering the prime contract services on construction of the second phase of Blagoveshchensk TPP with fulfilling prime contractor’s functions was signed by Power Machines and Blagoveshchensk TPP JSC in December, 2013 proceeding from the results of open tender procedures.

In accordance with the agreement provisions Power Machines Company has fulfilled a complex of construction and installation work, pre-commissioning activities with manufacture and delivery of the required equipment, including power engineering equipment: the steam turbine featuring capacity of 120 MW in a set with the turbogenerator produced in-house, pulverized-coal steam boiler manufactured by Taganrog Boilermaking Plant “Krasny Kotelshchik” as well as power and package transformers produced by the joint venture of Power Machines and Toshiba.

The second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP is one of four projects of investment program of RusHydro PJSC for construction of new power-generating facilities in the Far East to be implemented in accordance with the Decree of the President of the RF. The project provides for expansion of the existing Blagoveshchensk TPP with increase of its electric capacity by 120 MW (up to 400 MW), and thermal capacity – by 188 GCal/h (up to 1,005 GCal/h). The further development of the capital of Amur region would be impossible without increasing available facilities of the central heating and power plant.