Power Machines commissioned the first power unit of Tehri HPP (India)

Power Machines commissioned the first power unit (250 MW) for Tehri HPP (India) on Septermber 17, 2006. Successful continuous 72-hour tests prefaced Customer commissioning. The second power unit (250 MW) was tested in no-load performance during 4 hours on September 20, 2006.

The contract for equipment and services supply was signed in 1997 and equipment shipments ended in 2003. The Indian project Customer – State Corporation “Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd.” is a cooperative venture of the Indian and the Uttar-Pradesh Governments.

The commissioning of this unit will considerably contribute to the power balance of the northern Indian states (Kharyana, Khimachal-Pradesh, Dzhammu, Kashmir, Pendzhab, Radzhastan, Uttar-Pradesh, Uttaranchal) and the capital of India – Dehli. Besides that, it will be used in irrigative purposes and will provide drinking water.

The Prime-minister of India Manmokhan Singkh and Head of the ruling party (Indian National Congress) Sonya Gandi are expected to visit HPP in the near future.