Power Machines OJSС enhances capacity of second power unit of Omskaya TPP-5

Power Machines OJSС has completed a project to modernize a flow path of low pressure cylinder of steam turbine with capacity increase up to 98 MW. Operating Committee’s act of acceptance of the equipment of turbine set of the second power unit of TPP-5 operated by TGK-11 JSC, a part of Inter RAO Group, was signed on November 10, 2015 following the results of comprehensive tests.

A 80 MW steam turbine operated within the second power unit of Omskaya TPP-5 was manufactured at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod in 1980. A contract on its modernization was signed between Power Machines OJSС and KVARZ Group (a part of Inter RAO Holding Company) in July 2014. Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines OJSС manufactured and delivered to the site components of the flow path and rendered services relating to low pressure cylinder modernization. Following the results of comprehensive testing of the equipment, daily average electric power capacity of power plant’s second power unit amounted to 98.95 MW.

Within the framework of cooperation with TGK-11 JSC, Power Machines OJSС is currently implementing another project to replace equipment of power unit No.10 at Omskaya TPP-3. Renewed power unit No.10 of Omskaya TPP-3 is scheduled to be launched in April 2016, and thus its capacity will increase from 50 MW to 120 MW.