Power Machines announce a new appointment

Power Machines have gone through management changes.

Oleg Urnev, Deputy Director General / Director of Power Machines’ Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (“LMZ”), was relieved of his duties as he had decided to move to a new place of employment.

Mikhail Ispolov, who was in charge of the Production Complex of the Turbine Blades Plant (“TBP”), another company within Power Machines, has been assigned as Deputy Director General / Production Director.

Power Machines reorganised its manufacturing unit and introduced a set of best practice based production optimisation and enhancement programmes under the guidance of Oleg Urnev in 2009 and 2010. “Oleg Vladimirovich’s great managerial skills and executive experience facilitated our company’s performance growth including a production increase, and helped us build a professional management team at LMZ”, says Igor Kostin, Director General of Power Machines.

In his new position, Mikhail Ispolov will have to improve manufacturing processes within the company, continue implementing the production enhancement and cost reduction programme, control order fulfilment deadlines and budgets, and coordinate operational activities.

Mikhail Viktorovich Ispolov was born on 13 April 1974 in Kalyazin, Kalinin Region. He graduated from Leningrad Aeronautical Instrumentation Engineering and Automation College in 1994. In 1999 he graduated from Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University as an electrical engineer. In 2008 he took classes in Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University under the Presidential Leadership Training Programme for National Economy Organisations in Russia.

In 1995 Mikhail Ispolov was employed by Izhora Plants where he advanced from electrician, repairing and servicing electrical equipment, to power engineer in the blanking and metalwork shop. Since 1998 he has been working for the Turbine Blades Plant where he advanced from Rolling Mill Complex power engineer to TBP Production Complex Director. He consecutively held positions of Production Engineering, Repair, and Maintenance Deputy Director through TBP Rolling Mill Complex Director to TBP Production Director. He has been Director of the TBP Production Complex since 2009.