Power Machines and Siemens Have Ensured that a New Power Unit at the Verkhny Tagil TPP is put into Operation

The construction of a 420 MW combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT unit) has been completed at the Verkhny Tagil TPP. The power generating equipment for the new power unit was delivered by Power Machines, a Russian power plant engineering company. The respective contract was signed with JSC Inter RAO - Elektrogeneratsiya in 2014.

The Power Machines scope of delivery includes a 130 MW steam turbine, a turbogenerator complete with a feed system, a gas turbine and generator, as well as all ancillary equipment.

The gas turbine plant, including the SGT5-4000F gas turbine, the SGen5-1200A generator and a full set of ancillary equipment, was delivered by LLC Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC. The Verkhny Tagil TPP is the first power plant in the world where a SGen5-1200A generator has been installed. It is a cutting-edge Siemens development in the sphere of air-cooled generators.

In addition to the equipment manufacture and delivery, specialists from Power Machines and from Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies jointly ensured the precommissioning, supervised installation of the CCPU, and put it into operation.

At present, the new power generation unit is one of the most modern and efficient in its class. PGU-420 will make it possible to put the obsolete equipment of Stages I-III of the Verkhny Tagil TPP out of operation, increase the plant basic cycle efficiency from 35% to 45.4%, improve the plant operation reliability and reduce emission level. After the PGU-420 is put into operation, the planned total electric capacity of the Verkhny Tagil TPP will amount to 1,062 MW.

The Verkhny Tagil TPP is located in the center of the Middle Ural power grid. It is one of the principal energy suppliers in the Sverdlovsk Region. The plant produces about 7 bn. KWh; it also supplies the city of Verkhny Tagil with heat.

The power unit No. 12 construction project was managed by LLC Inter RAO - Engineering. The total sum invested into its implementation amounted to approximately 20 billion rubles.