Power Machines and Rosenergoatom have signed an agreement for modernization of Volgodonskaya NPP

OJSC "Power Machines" and Rosenergoatom have signed an agreement for modernization of heat-exchange equipment of the steam turbine of power unit No. 2 with capacity of 1000 MW of Volgodonskaya nuclear power plant (NPP). The value of the agreement on a “turn-key” basis is 738 million roubles.

Power Machines will carry out a complex of heat-exchange equipment modernization works on Volgodonskaya NPP. Condenser group of 1000 MW turbine will be equipped with a new corrosion-resistance system distinguished by high profitability and being Power Machines “know-how”. A similar system with tubes from titanic alloys provides reliable functioning of heat-exchange equipment, raises its efficiency and meets new technical standards of the Federal Agency on nuclear power of the Russian Federation.

The first power generation equipment supplies should begin in the first quarter of 2007 and the start-up of the updated power unit of Volgodonskaya NPP is planned for 2008.

Besides that Power Machines are planning also to complete the turbogenerator partly manufactured earlier for power unit No. 2, to make a new excitation system and excitation armature to it. Kaluga Turbine Works should also carry out fault detection of already made driver-turbine for the feed pump located on the station, and will manufacture one more turbine and two condensers to turbines with trumpet systems from a titanic alloy. The corresponding contracts are now being prepared for signing.

Nowadays Power Machines and Rosenergoatom have reached an agreement on refit of new nuclear power units by the equipment of Power Machines, in particular refit of Kaliniskaya power units and Balakovskaya NPP, commissioning of which is planned for 2010.

Volgodonskaya NPP is located on the left bank of Tsimlyanskoe water basin, constructed in the lower reach of the river Don. The station is included in the United power system (UPS) of the Northern Caucasus. The station provides power supply of 11 subjects of the Russian Federation, total area of 431,2 thousand kms with the population of 17,7 millions. Volgodonskaya NPP construction project of four power units with capacity of 1 million MW each is authorized by the order of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR in 1979, however in 1990 the construction of NPP was suspended, the station was transferred to a temporary mode. In 2000 Gosatomnadzor of Russia granted a licence for continuation of the construction of Volgodonskaya NPP power unit No. 1 with VVER-1000 reactor that had been commissioned in December 2001. In January 2005 the order “About the organization of works on completion of the power unit of Volgodonskaya NPP" was signed.