Power Machines and Mosenergo signed a Contract on GTE-65

Power Machines and Mosenergo signed a Contract on production and supply of gas turbine unit GTE-65 for Mosenergo Combined Heat and Power Plant -29. The Customer is Mosenergo.

Designing of GTE-65 is advanced development of Power Machines’ Design Department.

The GTE-65 equipment (gas turbine and turbogenerator) will be manufactured at Power Machines’ plants. Delivery of the equipment for Mosenergo-29 and natural tests are planned in 2007. Before delivery to the customer the most important equipment will be tested and proved at the manufacturing stage during model tests.

Gas turbine GTE-65 can be widely applied during technical re-equipment of the operating power plants and during new construction. Stationary gas turbine unit GTE-65 of 65 MW capacity is to be used in steam-gas unit with the steam turbine of 30 MW capacity and also with two gas turbine units and two boilers with the turbine of 60 MW capacity. GTE-65 is capable to provide heating needs and to work both independently and as the part of gas turbine unit. Gas turbine units of 90 MW and 180 MW can be produced on the GTE-65 base.

GTE-65 - the first gas turbine of the average capacity which will be made by the Russian company. Power Machines plans to involve the various Russian scientific and research organizations to produce GTE-65. GTE-65 will satisfy price and technical requirements of Russian power plants and power systems

Successful execution of the contract will allow to introduce new model of highly effective gas turbine unit on the power market.

Today Russian and Byelorussian companies are among potential customers of GTE-65.