Power Machine to carry out full-scale upgrade of two power units at Sirdarya TPP, Uzbekistan

In accordance with an agreement concluded, Power Machines OJSC will carry out works on full-scale upgrade of two power units at Sirdarya TPP for Sirdarya TPP OJSC, a part of state-owned joint-stock company Uzbekenergo.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreement, Power Machines OJSC will fulfill works relating to upgrade of turbine, generator, boiler and auxiliary equipment of the first and second power units at Sirdarya TPP, including implementation of the process control system, as well as construction and installation, supervised installation and commissioning activities.

As a result of the upgrade, it is planned to achieve an increase in the overall capacity of two power units of the Central Asia’s largest power plant by 50 MW up to 650 MW.

The power engineering concern’s subsidiaries are also engaged in fulfillment of the contractual obligations: Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik OJSC will manufacture and deliver boiler equipment (boiler heating surfaces and retrofit units for regenerative air heaters of the РВП-68 type) to the thermal power plant’s two power units, and will perform activities relating to supervised installation and supervised adjustment of РВП units supplied, while Kaluga Turbine Works OJSC will upgrade driven turbines of feed pumps of 12 MW each.

Sirdarya TPP OJSC is the largest power plant in the Central Asia, generating more than 30% of the overall amount of electric energy produced in Uzbekistan and having ten 300 MW power units. The first power unit was put into operation in 1972. In 1981, construction of the thermal power plant was completed, and its installed capacity achieved 3,000 MW.h.