Power Machines PJSC is going ahead with a number of structural changes

For the purpose of improving business efficiency of Power Machines and streamlining its governance system, the Company has been putting in effect a set of HR related and organizational measures.

To strengthen and further develop the Company’s engineering and research and technology activities, Professor Yuri Kirillovich Petrenya, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been appointed Deputy General Director – General Design Engineer of Power Machines.

The remit of Yuri Kirillovich’s responsibilities will be to raise efficiency of the activities pursued by the engineering and research function of the company as well as to heighten the degree of centralization in this particular activity. The engineering function is to integrate all the design and engineering divisions of the company as well as the Directorate for Engineering Policy, Science and Research, Directorate for Design of Low Speed Turbine Generating Units, Directorate for Automation System of Power Machines. 

— Engineering and its scientific support is a crucial area central to the activities of our company which is constantly developing both on the basis of our own experience and on the basis of the industry’s world best practices, — points out Roman Philippov, General Director (CEO) of Power Machines PJSC. — Innovative nature of design and process related solutions which are based on leading edge achievements in science ensure competitiveness of energy industry and power engineering sector products. The decisions made with respect to appointments and company organization are aimed at furthering development of Power Machines as a high technology company and augmenting its competitive edge in the market in the long term perspective.

Vladimir Demyanov, who previously held the position of the Company’s General Design Engineer, has been placed in charge of the new division in the organizational chart of Power Machines PJSC, which is the Service Center. The Service Center is to deal with such activities as erection supervision, startup and adjustment operations, diagnostics and all round inspection of equipment, engineering support of projects, and service operations at the power plant.

Curriculum Vitae

Yuri Kirillovich Petrenya is a major scholar and professional in the area of stationary power engineering, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Having served, for a long time, as General Director of the Central Boiler and Turbine Institute (NPO CKTI I.I. Polzunov Scientific and Development Association on Research and Design of Power Equipment), he organized and headed work programs to provide scientific support to energy sector and power engineering industry. He has recently been worked as Deputy General Director – Technical Director, Chief of Research and Science at Power Machines, has been involved in development and implementation of the programs aimed at creating new generations of advanced energy equipment for thermal, nuclear and hydro power production.

Head of the Department for Energy and Electric Power Engineering of Peter the Great Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg.

Chairman of the Thesis Council at Scientific and Development Association on Research and Design of Power Equipment, member of a number of thesis, research and expert councils. Trained a number of full doctors and PHD degree holders.

Yuri Kirillovich Petrenya sits on the Presidiums of St. Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific and Technological Cooperation Bureau under the auspices of the Government of St. Petersburg, energy section of the Commission for Awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Area of Science and Technology.

Member of the International Committee for Global Energy International Energy Prize and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the area of science and technology, Academician A.N. Krylov Prize. Decorated with the Order of Honor, Medal Commemorating the 300-th Anniversary of St. Petersburg.