Power machines PJSC held the final for the All-Russian Technical Championship «The Power of the Future»

Power machines PJSC held the final for All-Russian Technical Championship «The Power of the Future», which was organized by the power engineering company for students of Russian higher education institutions (HEI). Seven teams from Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Khakassia, Barnaul and Novocherkassk, whose works qualified for the championship, competed in the final.

The team from Kazan State Power Engineering University, with its project «Engineering design for steam strainer for control box in steam turbine with hydraulic resistance reduction» won first place. 

Second place was awarded to the students of Polzunov Altai State Technical University for their display of a water-heating gas-and-oil-fired boiler project.

Third place was won by the future engineers from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, who presented their project called «Creation of optimal flow diagram of non-circulation gas-and-oil-fired boiler».

«Technical Championship was one of our new cooperation formats with specialized HEIs,» commented HR-Director of Power machines' Anna Lvova. «The project enabled the students to demonstrate their knowledge in solving the problems faced by our engineers in the course of work, and we obtained the possibility to appreciate the potential of participants and invite talented youth to take on-the-job placement at our company. Next year we are planning to scale up this experience to other professions, for example, to hold the championship among future manufacturing engineer.» 

The winners from Kazan obtained valuable prizes, invitations to take salaried positions at the departments of Power machines, and the possibility to complete a thesis under the company expert's supervision. Additionally, the students were invited to participate in Young Professionals' Conference of Power machines, which will be held in November. The teams that won the second and third places were also invited to take salaried positions with the possibility of completing a thesis under the supervision of the representative at Power machines. 

After the final, all participants toured the turbine production shop of Leningrad Metal Plant, visited the hydraulic turbine laboratory, and communicated with the representatives from Power machines in informal surroundings.

For reference:

Technical Championship «The Power of the Future» started on May 17, 2018. Forty-two teams from sixteen HEIs submitted requests to participate. At the qualification stage, seven teams qualified for the final.

They were offered the chance to solve one technical case of high complexity level prepared by experts from the design bureaus at Power machines in various fields: steam and hydraulic turbines, boiler equipment, electric machinery, electric drives, and complete devices.

The main task for the teams was to analyze the problem, define the solution task, elaborate on all possible options, make technical and economic calculations, and present them to the expert committee comprised of representatives from the engineering departments of Power machines. 

The expert committee evaluated project works with respect to technological effectiveness, engineering development level, singularity of solution, task elaboration depth, and presentation quality.