PJSC Krasny Kotelshchik has increased the shipment of the finished products

At the end of 2012, Public Joint Stock Company "The Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Krasny Kotelshchik" (the main manufacturing facilities of PJSC EMAlliance, a member of the power plant concern Power Machines) has increased the shipment of the finished products by 5.3 thousand tons (16,7%) in comparison with the similar period of 2011. The total weight of the shipped equipment has amounted more than 37 thousand tons (in 2011 - 31.8 thousand tons) to the tune of more than 6.7 billion rubles. This includes more than 10.7 thousand tons to the tune of more than 2 billion rubles that were supplied to CIS countries and far abroad.

During this period the main shippers of the finished products were the following: Vladimirskaya CHPP-2, Izhevskaya CHPP-1, Kirovskaya CHPP-3, Novo-Salavatskaya CHPP, Omskaya CHPP-3, Permskaya CHPP-9, Serovskaya GRES, Starobeshevskaya TPP (the Ukraine), Tripolskaya TPP (the Ukraine), Burshtyinskaya TPP (the Ukraine), Barh STPP (India), CHPP-16 and CHPP-20 Mosenergo, Cherepetskaya GRES, Cherepovetskaya GRES, Ekibastuz GRES-1, GRES-2 (Kazakhstan) and others.

The following equipment shall be emphasized among the large range of supplies: main beams of ceiling structure for Barh STPP boiler, modules of HRSGs for Cherepovetskaya GRES, Permskaya CHPP-9, CHPP-16, and CHPP-20 Mosenergo, Kirovskaya CHPP-3, Izhevskaya CHPP-1 and others; stacks (segments of stack cylindrical section) for Omskaya CHPP-3, Permskaya CHPP-9, CHPP-16 Mosenergo, Vladimirskaya CHPP-2; convective secondary superheater for Berezovskaya GRES (Unit No.3); modernization assemblies and parts for Tripolskaya TPP, Starobeshevskaya TPP, Burshtyinskaya TPP.

At the present time there continues the shipment of the finished products for CHPP-20 Mosenergo, Berezovskaya GRES (Unit No. 3), Novo-Salavatskaya CHPP, Tripolskaya CHPP, Cherepovetskaya GRES, Harta TPP.

The shipment of the equipment for Kazanskaya CHPP-2 is scheduled. Two HRSGs with the total weight of about 1.8 thousand tons are to be supplied to the plant.