PJSC EMAlliance will supply equipment for the biggest Power Plant Project of Ukraine

PJSC EMAlliance being a member of the largest Russian power plant concern Power Machines, based on the latest bids awards, entered into contract with JSC Donbassenergo for modernization of Power Unit No. 12 of Starobeshevskaya TPP.

"PJSC EMAlliance has experience and unique technological solutions, which give us a possibility to satisfy the demands of the Ukrainian market. And we are ready to take an active part in modernization of the Ukrainian Power system", - underlines Mr. Andrei Levchenko, Deputy General Director for Sales of PJSC EMAlliance.

In accordance with the Contract concluded PJSC EMAlliance will design and supply the modernized Units for pulverized coal boiler TP-100 with the weight more than 750 tons.

The equipment supplied in accordance with this project will be manufactured according to the technical documentation worked out by the Engineering Center PJSC EMAlliance (Taganrog). Manufacturing will be carried out at the main manufacturing facilities of the Company – The Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Krasny Kotelshchik". Time of the contract performance is June 2013.

The main peculiarity of the Project will be gas tight combustion chamber, new modernized burners, new construction of the furnace hopper, which is to be elaborated by the specialists of the engineering center. This construction will allow transferring load from front, rare and center water walls to the furnace side water walls that will enhance reliability of work of the Power Unit and the Plant in general.

It will be recalled that this is not the first PJSC EMAlliance contract for modernization of this Power Unit. In 2011 the Company signed a contract with JSC Donbassenergo for modernization of Power Unit 13 of Starobeshevskaya TPP. PJSC EMAlliance manufactured and delivered to the Customer the elements of combustion chamber and modernized burners for Boiler TP-100, Power Unit 13 of Starobeshevskaya TPP.