OJSC "Power Machines" wins the tender for supply of two turbogas units for OJSC "OGK-6"

ОJSC “Power Machines” has won the tender for supply of two turbogas units of 270 MW capacity each for Kirishskaya TPP. The contract price is approximately Euro 100 million.

OJSC “OGK-6,” the parent company for Kirishskaya TPP, is the customer of the project. Only two companies participated in the last stage of the tender: OJSC “Power Machines” and Alstom. Based on the overall technical and economic analysis conducted by independent experts the bid by OJSC “Power Machines” was given the preference.

Under the contract OJSC “Power Machines” will supply two turbogas units (manufactured by Siemens) each including a 270 MW gas turbine, generator, monitoring and control center, air-filtration unit, the exhaust part and supplementary equipment.

Additionally OJSC “Power Machines” will perform the upgrading of the steam turbine K-300-240 of Kirishskaya TPP for the purpose of its further operation as part of the steam gas unit. In order to increase the turbine reliability characteristics the high and low pressure steam inlets will be partly upgraded and the low pressure flow part of the three flows will be upgraded. The more effective operation of the upgraded low pressure part will allow to generate additionally about 8.7 MW of power.

Upon the completion of the planned works related to the gas units the power unit capacity is expected to increase from 300 MW to 800 MW. The start-up of the power unit is expected at the end of 2009 and the commissioning thereof – in 2010.

The equipment supply contract for the gas units is expected to be signed in the near future. Currently the contract is undergoing the approval procedures at OJSC “OGK-6” and OJSC “Power Machines.”

OJSC “OGK-6” includes the following six branches: Kirishskaya TPP, Krasnoyarskaya TPP – 2, Novocherkasskaya TPP, Ryazanskaya TPP, TPP – 24 and Cherepovetskaya TPP. The installed capacity of OJSC “OGK-6” is 9,052 MW.