OJSC «Power Machines» celebrates the 110-th anniversary of Turbina special design bureau

The history of Turbina special design bureau (SDB) is a history of domestic steam power engineering industry. Formed on the basis of a bite-size group at the beginning of the 20-th century the subdivision has grown into a powerful design-and-engineering institute which is a base for domestic power engineering.

According to Mr. R. Filippov, Power Machines Director General, 110 years is quite a historical period during which the DB specialists created one of the most important industries for domestic economy and power engineering from scratch, which is a steam power engineering industry. Turbina SDB is a reputed design bureau and widely-recognized both in our country and abroad. Achievement of our engineers is an indisputable bragging right for all Power Machines employees.

The SDB field of work is design-and engineering aimed at creation of turbines with 50 to 1,250 MW output via implementation of the newest design solutions for thermal power plants, as well as high-speed and low-speed turbines with the output of up to 1,250 MW for the NPPs.           

During only the last decade the Power Machines GWs were commissioned at Tianwan NPP in China, Kudankulam NPP in India.