Nizhnevartovskaya State Local Power Plant sees operational start of the second power unit

Construction of the second power unit of Nizhnevartovskaya state local power plant (OJSC «Tyumenenergo») resumed in 2000, eight years after the first one was put into operation. Main equipment for the new power unit – a steam turbine and a 800 MW turbogenerator were manufactured by the enterprises of Power Machines Group.

In the third quarter 2003 Electrosila (member of Power Machines Group) supplied hydrogen and water cooled turbogenerator in a set with excitation systems and technological control systems for the second power unit.

Hydrogen and water cooled turbogenerators are characterized by their economy, mobility, simplicity and ease of operation in various climate conditions. But what makes the new generator remarkably different from its predecessor, installed at the first power unit, is the advanced frame for front components fixation, which is built to the same design as 1000 GW nuclear plant generators. Such structure allows to exclude almost all harmful vibrations at the front elements of the generator and thus to increase its reliability.

Steam turbine manufactured by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod was supplied to the power plant in 1992. But it had been kept at the power plant warehouse ever since due to the suspension of the further construction works.

Engineering company “Kvartz” is a general contractor for Nizhnevartovskaya state local power plant.
The second power unit of the plant is being built within the framework of «Investment program for industrial construction and power system development for 10 years» developed by OJSC «Tyumenenergo». The program stipulates for construction of the second and third power units of Nizhnevartovskaya state local power plant, reconstruction of Surgutskaya state local power plant - 1 and Surgutskaya state local power plant - 2 as well as reconstruction of Tyumenskaya thermal power plant - 2.

Nizhnevartovskaya State Local Power Plant is one of the biggest power plants in Tyumen region. The principal decision on its construction dates back to 1980. The first power unit with power potential exceeding 5 billion kW/h annually was put into operation in 1993. The power plant, which is mainly gas-fed, is initially designed for 4800 MW, but currently produces only 1600 MW.