New power unit of Moscow TPP-12 outfitted with equipment by Power Machines commissioned

A new combined cycle gas turbine TPP-12 of Mosenergo OJSC has been commissioned in Moscow.      

Power Machines acted as the main power equipment supplier. A contract for manufacture and supply of equipment for the power unit was signed by Power Machines and Mosenergo TPC, acting as the general construction contractor, in 2011.    

Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines manufactured and delivered to the power plant a GTE-160 gas turbine with capacity of 160 MW; two turbine generators with capacity of 160 and 80 MW; a 73 MW steam turbine (the latter manufactured by Kaluga Turbine Works); and auxiliary equipment, and also rendered supervised installation and start-up services.  

Besides outfitting the new CCGT power unit, Power Machines supplied thermal equipment for the ninth power unit of TPP-12. In 2014, Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik, a part of Power Machines, manufactured outlet headers, convective superheater blocks, a steam collection chamber and a spray desuperheater for the power plant.