New power unit of Blagoveshchensk TPP manufactured by Power Machines passed evaluation tests

New power unit of Blagoveshchensk TPP manufactured by Power Machines within the scope of the project fulfilled by RusHydro and RAO ES East has successfully passed evaluation and guarantee tests mandatory for new equipment.

During 72 hours of evaluation tests the turbine unit No.4 was functioning under maximum and minimal load, was unloaded to the minimum power limit and passed load increasing and decreasing test. The system operator signed the certificate permitting new power unit of Blagoveshchensk TPP to perform power supply to the wholesale market after diagnostics completion.

200 hours of guarantee tests of the boiler unit No.5 and turbine unit No.4 performed at the TPP confirmed that the equipment meets all guaranteed figures and can operate in normal operation mode. In general during the test period (from December 2015 till April 2016) new power unit produced more than 31 m kWh of electric energy and more than 34.4 ths. GCal of thermal energy.

New power unit, the first construction stage of which was completed in December 2015, increased the plant design electric power capacity by 120 MW and heat capacity by 188 GCal/h, the heat delivery increased up to 1005 GCal/h. The plant received capacity reserve, and the administrative center got rid of the factor restraining its development.

The Contract on rendering of general contracting services during construction of the second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP was signed with fulfillment of turnkey general contractor functions between Power machines and Blagoveshchensk TPP JSC in December 2013 on the basis of the results of open tendering procedures.

According to its conditions, Power machines completed the set of construction, installation and commissioning works with manufacture and supply of required equipment including main power equipment: the heat turbine with capacity of 120 MW together with own-produced turbogenerator, the pulverized-coal fired boiler manufactured at the Taganrog Boiler-Making Works “Krasny Kotelshchik”, as well as power and unit transformers manufactured at the joint enterprise of Power machines and Toshiba, “Power machines – Toshiba. High-voltage transformers” LCC.

2nd stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP is one of four projects of the investment program of RusHydro PJSC on construction of new power objects in Russian Far East fulfilled in cooperation with “RAO Energy Systems of the East” PJSC in accordance with the decree of the RF President. The project budget is 8.2 billion rubles.