Kygy HPP Fitted Out with Power Machines Equipment Launched in Turkey

On December 22, 2017 Kygy HPP was put into operation in Turkey. All three hydroelectric units at the power plant were manufactured by the Russian power engineering company, Power Machines. The total capacity of the power plant amounted to 139.8 MW.

"Implementing this project right on time, Power Machines manufactured and delivered modern and reliable hydraulic equipment, meeting world standards", Yuri Petrenya, PJSC Power Machines’ General Director commented. "The new power plant will make a significant contribution to providing the region with electric energy, and it will promote its economic development."

On their part, the top executives of the Turkish state organization DSI (Water Reservoirs and Hydraulic Power Plants Administration of the Main State Department for Water Resources at the Ministry of Forestry and Waterworks) commented on the high quality workmanship of Power Machines, and expressed their gratitude for their contribution to the development of Turkey, highlighting the reliability and efficiency of the equipment.

The contract for the manufacture and delivery of hydraulic equipment to the Kygy hydraulic power plant that was under construction in Turkey, was entered into by Power Machines and the DSI Turkish state organization in December 2013.

Under their contractual obligations, Power Machines carried out the manufacture and delivery of the HPP hydraulic equipment on a turnkey basis, including three hydroturbines, each with a capacity of 46.6 MW with pre-turbine wicket gates, three generators of the same capacity, all the power house electro-mechanical equipment, and the switch gear.

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The participation of Power Machines in the construction of the Kygy HPP continues thr successful business of the Russian power engineering company in Turkey. In 2008, the company implemented  equipment delivery, and supervised the installation project for the Torul HPP.

Earlier, Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and Electrosila, members of the PJSC Power Machines, had manufactured and delivered a 210 MW steam turbine, complete with generator, for the Orhaneli TPP, and  also two steam turbines, each with a capacity of 55 MW, for the İskenderun TPP.

The Taganrog Boilermaking Plant (Krasny Kotelshchik), a member of Power Machines, delivered six boilers for all the power units at the Iskenderun TPP as well. A regional representative office of the company has been operating in Turkey since 2003.