KTZ unveiled a memorial plate in commemoration of Vasily Shukshin

The ceremonial unveiling of the memorial plate in commemoration of the outstanding Soviet writer, filmmaker, actor and scriptwriter Vasily Shukshin was held on October 17, 2018 at Kaluga Turbine Plant. During the period from May 1947 to January 1948 Vasily Shukshin took part in construction of Kaluga Turbine Plant as an engineer-scaffolder.

The memorial plate was mounted on the front of the Plant Administration building in Moskovskaya Street. The official ceremony was attended by the employees and veterans of the enterprise, representatives of the regional authorities and municipal cultural community.

“We are proud of the fact that a man of extraordinary genius, the person of legendary destiny, worked at the enterprise at its stage of development,” said Alexandr Ogarkov, Operational Director of KTZ. “Today, opening the memorial plate, we would like to eternize the memory of Vasily Shukshin who made his contribution not only to historical and cultural legacy of the country but to the future of the national turbine construction industry.”

Vasily Shukshin worked at KTZ for eight months. He participated in construction of the plant production workshops. Being the member of working teams, Vasily Makarovich marked out the foundations of the future workshops, fitted frames and doors, covered the roofs with iron, unloaded construction materials. Also he had to point the imported foreign equipment, lay out and tow packing pallets and timber. At the plant Shukshin became a worker, which by the Soviet standards meant certain increase in the social status in comparison to a collective farmer and offered great opportunities in the future.