KTZ training centre has trained over 400 people

Since its launch, the Training Centre of Kaluga Turbine Works (part of Power Machines) has trained over 400 people in various professions.

The company was licensed to carry on training activities in December 2017, and as early as in January 2018 the Centre started its operation.

Opening of the centre allowed training riggers, crane operators, manual welders, as well as educating specialists in occupations controlled by Rostechnadzor.

On the basis of the Training Centre, employees of Turbine Works and other companies acquire new professions. Under the supervision of highly qualified trainers, the trainees gain knowledge and practical skills in operating equipment of KTZ. Here one can also acquire a rare profession, for example, Marine Tube Bender. The Centre is the only place in the Central Federal District where one can learn this profession.

- Training process is closely related with main occupation, and one can align its training schedule to the production load, - Jury Mamin, General Director of KTZ comments. – Training courses are tailored to meet the needs of a specific company, equipment, and materials. For example, we train specialists in gas-tungsten arc welding for titanium alloys, which is used in limited number of applications.