KTZ increased salaries

Scheduled indexation of salary of employees at Kaluga Turbine Plant (KTZ) included into Power Machines Company.

Since April 1, 2017 the income of turbine builders has increased by 4%. An average salary is more than 43, 000 rubles at KTZ now, an average indicator in Kaluga region is 41, 492 rubles. Besides, the funds have been allotted for target-focused salary increase to individual employees at the suggestion of a subdivision head.

The integrated analysis of professional competence, organizational abilities and personal qualities of team leaders and foremen, taking into account efficiency of work of collectives headed by them, is carried out annually at the factory, which also reflects on additional payments. The higher the category of an employee, proceeding from certification results, the higher the additional payment.

The commission on confirmation and assigning class titles to the team leaders and foremen of shops of the main production facilities, production preparation, technical inspection administration, technical documentation department and central plant laboratory finished its work in March. 72 team leaders and 74 foremen have passed the skill level assessment, seven employees of this number have been named the “Distinguished team leaders of KTZ, OJSC” and six have been named the “Distinguished foremen of KTZ, OJSC”.