Krasny Kotelshchik Plant Opens Doors for Numerous Guests

Krasny Kotelshchik Taganrog boiler plant, a member of Power Machines, became a festival territory for the plant employees, their family members and close friends. This was the first time a corporate event was carried out in such a format. The "Open People's Day" plant festival impressed its guests by its scope.        

The festival territory was divided into zones allowing guests to familiarize themselves with the history and the present day of the legendary plant; to assess the talents of the boiler makers who became the highlights of the show program and took part in the exhibition of artistic works; to take a tour in one of the plant workshops, and to see exhibition samples of products prepared by the TKZ production units.

The festival organizers provided separate zones for children, such as "Aqua-makeup", "Scientific Show", "Pavement Drawing", "Bouncer", and "Young Boiler Maker's Academy" where children mastered the ABCs of the TKZ profession. Every little guest could find entertainment conforming to his or her age or interests.

Sports competitions became an important component of the festival. Guests took part in various competitions, including ping-pong, arm wrestling, and CrossFit; they watched exhibition bouts of the judo sports club and a power lifting show and supported the participants of team games between the managers of the TKZ directorates and workshops. Dancing fans, in their turn, took part in the Zumba flashmob.

A launch of balloons became the final chord of the festival; they were a symbol of a new meeting at the Open People's Day.

"We strove to present an unforgettable festival to our employees and their nearest and dearest. I am sure we were a success at it," - the TKZ general director Alexander Popov bottomlined the event. "The boiler makers deserved such a present thanks to their conscientious labor, their reverent attitude to their plant, and their aid rendered to Krasny Kotelshchik in meeting global challenges. The TKZ is a dynamic, living organism. The people are its soul. We shall certainly continue making acquaintance with the plant and its staff, and we shall open our hearts to our guests in the future as well. I hope the "Open People's Day" will become a good tradition of Krasny Kotelshchik."