«Krasny Kotelshchik» Opened an Additional Training Center for Welders

The Taganrog Boilermaking Plant «Krasny Kotelshchik» ((hereinafter, TKZ), one of Power machines enterprises, opened an additional training center for the students specializing in «electric manual welding». The establishment of the factory «school» will allow for improvements to the level of education and to get «turnkey» highly qualified specialists in a short time.

The center has a modern material base. Theoretical classes take place in specialized classrooms. Particular attention is paid to practical lessons, which are conducted only on modern equipment under the guidance of highly qualified specialists of «Krasny Kotelshchik». All students are provided with overalls and personal protection equipment. A beginner acquires good welder skills in just six months.

«The contents of training programs is dictated by the production tasks. The goal is to provide workshops with "turnkey" specialists who understand the specifics of «Krasny Kotelshchik» and are able to connect to current projects with maximum efficiency. Such training of the major workers will certainly have a positive impact on our productivity and quality of work. When contractual terms are tight, this is a significant competitive advantage for an enterprise,» said the General Director of TKZ, Arthur Usmanov.

Even though the center is focused on students’ training, the operating welders of the enterprise also have an opportunity to upgrade their skills here. The factory «school» will allow students to improve their qualification level in accordance with industry and international requirements, and will become a new step in the development of mentoring at TKZ.

«The ideal way to learn how to weld better – is to spend some time working together with an experienced instructor with high qualifications, so that you could clearly, in real time, watch what he does and how he acts, and understand the basic techniques necessary to produce specific equipment for thermal and nuclear power plants,» commented the chief welder of the enterprise Sergey Gaponenko.

TKZ is constantly looking for new forms of training specialists which the enterprise needs to implement its current projects. The plant has a training center, which educates employees in more than 70 working professions. There is also a joint corporate department established in cooperation with Don State Technical University. Its target is to improve the quality of training specialists in power engineering and to create educational programs required to solve the production problems. Every year the enterprise conducts a series of educational programs.