Krasny Kotelshchik manufactures first HRSG nodes for Permskaya TPP-9

TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik PJSC (main production asset of EMAlliance PJSC) has completed the production of HRSG overhead bridge for Permskaya TPP-9 (TGK-9 OJSC belonging to IES Holding). The total weight of the equipment amounts to 50 tons. 

A contract for procurement was concluded in June 2011. As part of the contract EMAlliance is to supply a HRSG weighting about 2300 tons for ССP-50 at Permskaya TPP-9. The equipment has been designed by the specialists of EMAlliance – BSDB BP Engineering Centre (Barnaul). Taganrog Boiler-Building Plant Krasny Kotelshchik manufactures the equipment under the license of American company NOOTER/ERIKSEN, INC. The order is planned to be fulfilled by the end of July 2012. 

Such heat recovery steam generator with a special reburning device is manufactured for the first time within the framework of the project for Permskaya TPP-9 refurbishment. The application of this technology is going to ensure HRSG stable steam parameters issued by HRSG in all operating modes of the gas turbine, as well as using natural gas a more effectively than when burning it in traditional steam boilers. Special burners and gas distributing grid, which will be installed in the inlet gas flue, permits to increase the equipment’s steam-generating capacity.

IES Holding will purchase five HRSGs from EMAlliance PJSC in total for new power units as part of the investment program implementation. The contractual terms provide for the development of technical documentation, complete outfit of equipment production and its delivery, installation supervision and commissioning works. The heat recovery steam generators are going to become part of new combine cycle power plants at Permskaya TPP-9, Kirovskaya TPP-3, Izhevskaya TPP-1, Novobogoslovskaya TPP and Vladimirskaya TPP-2.