Krasny Kotelshchik has completed shipment of the equipment for CCPP-16 Mosenergo

The Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Krasny Kotelshchik" (the main manufacturing facilities of PJSC EMAlliance, being a member of the largest Russian power plant concern Power Machines) has shipped the last HRSG groups of assemblies for PGU-420T Boiler No. 8, CCPP-16 – branch of JSC Mosenergo.

The Agreement between PJSC EMAllians and JSC TEK Mosenergo (the general subcontractor of Power Unit construction) for the complete delivery of the HRSG was concluded in September 2011. The power plant Company has undertaken to render services for site supervision of erection, pre-commissioning, testings and commissioning of the supplied equipment, and for getting an authorization for HRSG use in the Russian National Technical Supervision Authority ROSTECHNADZOR.

The main products in accordance with the agreement terms and conditions are HRSG groups of increased readiness for erection (main and inlet gas ducts, heating elements modules, low, medium, and high pressure drums, stack, main and auxiliary pipings), and also boiler auxiliary equipment (boiler valves, deaeration plant, silencers of flue gases and steam discharges, expanders of cascading and intermittent blow downs, feeding and recirculating electric pumps).

Design documentation development was performed by the specialists of Taganrog Engineering Division PJSC EMAllians according to Notter/Eriksen license, manufacturing and supply was carried out by the main manufacturing facilities of PJSC EMAllians – PJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik.

Currently additional delivery of separate elements of boiler auxiliary equipment from Russian and Foreign manufactures is doing on. The new Power Unit CCPP-16 with electric capacity of 420MW and heat power of 220Gcal/h will include HRSG, gas and steam turbines. Use of modern combined cycle technologies will provide high efficiency of electric and heat power generation, will allow to put out of commissioning the outdated equipment and will decrease negative influence on the environment.