Krasny Kotelshchik has Completed Shipment of Equipment for Kazanskaya CHPP-2

The Taganrog Boiler-Making Works “Krasny Kotelshchik” (the main manufacturing facilities of PJSC EMAlliance, a member of the power plant concern Power Machines) has shipped the last HRSGs’ assemblies for power units PGU-110 of Kazanskaya CHPP-2.

In the end of August 2011 there was concluded a Contract for designing, manufacturing, and supply of equipment between PJSC EMAlliance and engineering company Management Company "Integrated EnergoDevelopment-Holding" ltd. (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan). As per the contractual obligations the power plant has obliged to design, manufacture, and supply the inlet and main gas ducts, module box assemblies, LP and HP drums, roof structures, erection parts, main and auxiliary pipelines, chimneys, operating platforms and towers with stairs, and also boiler-auxiliary equipment. Besides, EMAlliance’s obligations include erection supervision, adjustment supervision, start-up of the supplied equipment, plant personnel training.

The specialists of PJSC Engineering Centre EMAlliance-BSDB BP (Barnaul) have carried out the works in the field of designing of the shipped equipment for Kazanskaya CHPP-2, and the main manufacturing facilities of the power plant – PJSC Krasny Kotelshchik – have carried out the manufacturing and supply of the HRSGs’ assemblies.

Due to the modernization of the plant the Taganrog Boiler-Making Works have supplied two identical steam HRSGs and the auxiliary equipment for two being constructed heating power units PGU-110 with electric capacity of 110 MW and heating capacity of 74 Gcal/h each.

OJSC Kaluga Turbine Works (OJSC KTZ), a member of OJSC Power Machines, manufactured earlier two steam turbines with capacity of 36 MW each for new combined cycle plants of Kazanskaya CHPP-2. As per the Contract with "Management Company "Integrated EnergoDevelopment-Holding" ltd. signed in 2011, OJSC KTZ will supply two turbine generators, perform erection supervision and commissioning as well.

The new power units of the combined cycle plants located at Kazanskaya CHPP-2 site are intended for combined production of electricity and heat. The total capacity of the plant will increase by 220 MW after the start-up of the units PGU.