«Krasny Kotelshchik» continues to hold professional competitions among its employees

Taganrog Boiler-Making Works «Krasny Kotelshchik» (TKZ) (part of Power Machines) conducted another competition in professional skills. The contest for «the Best Professional» was held among Turners.

The competitors – workshop workers and operation managers of TKZ – were given a chance to demonstrate the depth of their theoretical knowledge in a written assignment. They were offered to complete a test consisting of three sections: Health&Safety, methods of lean manufacturing, and specifics of the profession. 

The practical skills of boiler makers were assessed in the practical part of the competition. This year the organizers of the competition suggested a new format for doing that: committee members visited the Turners’ workplaces and assessed the products that were scheduled for daily production. Due to such approach the competitors were able to fulfil the assignment in the course of their regular work.

The turners are in high demand in our factory. They have good perspectives, yet a responsible job at the same time – says Elena Solovyova, HR Manager of TKZ. – Most of our competitors have perfectly completed the practical assignment, which confirmed their high qualification. However testing level of TKZ specialists was not the only purpose of this competition. We wanted to motivate them to their further professional development, and, based on the participants’ comments, we did a good job.