Krasny Kotelshchik continues its cooperation with the Don State Technical University

Taganrog boiler construction plant Krasny Kotelshchik, part of the Power Machines company, conducted a tour for students studying in the "Machine and automation of welding production» department at Don State Technical University (DSTU). The children examined the exhibits, which the plant's museum keeps and visited production facilities.

In recent times, the students from this university have become frequent visitors to the Taganrog enterprise. They come on study tours and go through their apprenticeship here. Such close cooperation has been made possible thanks to the establishment of a joint corporate department at TKZ and DSTU. 

The decision to open a department of power engineering was made in July 2016 at a meeting of the University’s Academic Council. The purpose of its establishment is to improve the quality of training specialists in the field of power engineering and the formation of training programs necessary to solve Krasny Kotelshchik’s production problems.

-DSTU was not chosen as our main partner by accident. Further development of the TKZ is difficult to imagine without the influx of young engineering personnel. As it happens their training is the responsibility of this university, - commented the head of TKZ’s HR-service Elena Solovieva. - Among the specialists who will be in demand in our company in the near future are designers, engineers-technologists and welding engineers. We are ready to offer work to the best students from DSTU, who have chosen these areas for training.