Kaluga Turbine Works produces the three thousandth power unit

Power unit ПТ-25/34, manufactured, tested and prepared for shipment at KTZ, has become the 3,000th turbine in succession, produced by the Works.

This sequence number was assigned to one of the two steam turbine plants manufactured by the Works under the contract with Kvadra. The machines are intended for Voronezhskaya TPP-1, where a 223 MW CCP is planned to be constructed as part of a renovation project. The turbines from Kaluga will increase the electrical output of Voronezhskaya TPP-1, while the reduced specific reference fuel consumption will help significantly improve the power plant’s cost-effectiveness.

The unit itself is generally similar to previously manufactured counterparts. As with other products, it embodies the general design philosophy of KTZ, i.e. high cost-effectiveness, reliability, ease of operation and maintainability.

“The ПТ-25/34 power unit was based on tried and tested and well-proven design elements, which guaranteed high performance parameters,” says Works Chief Engineer Sergei Tsimmerman. “The experience in manufacturing and operating machines of this type and with similar capacity provides a good basis for their maximum possible unification, which seems practical for many technical and economic reasons.”

The milestone turbine was successfully bench-tested and witnessed by the customer on 28 December last year.

The manufacturer is getting ready for testing the other turbine unit for Kvadra. Bench tests are scheduled to be carried out on 16-18 February.