Kaluga Turbine Plant ships a turbine for Estonia's Kohtla-Järve TPP

Kaluga Turbine Plant (KTZ), part of Power Machines, has shipped a condensing turbine with a rated capacity of 27 MW for VKG Energia Kohtla Järve Power Plant, Estonia. 

The steam turbine was manufactured under a contract with Lithuania's UAB Ekobana, the company providing general renovation services to the Estonian TPP.

The commissioning of the new turbine adds 27 MW to the plant capacity. In addition, the TPP renovation will contribute to the reliable and stable operation of the entire power facility, which supplies electricity and heat to both the population and businesses in the city of Kohtla Järve.

The turbine supplied by Kaluga Turbine Plant is the second power machine manufactured by KTZ for Kohtla Järve TPP. The previous turbine was manufactured by KTZ in 2008 and was commissioned in 2011 as part of the plant renovation project.