JV Power Machines - Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers has received an order to deliver transformers to ZapSybNeftekhim, Russia’s major petrochemical project

The joint venture of Power Machines and Toshiba will deliver transformer equipment for a 500 kV substation of ZapSybNeftekhim, a fuel and petrochemical refinery under construction in Tobolsk (part of SIBUR Holding PJSC) – Russia’s most ambitious petrochemical project.

Power Machines – Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers (PMTT), a Russian company established in 2011, with operational assets located in St. Petersburg, will for the first time manufacture and deliver four 500 kV three-phase autotransformers with a capacity of 250 MW each in the second and third quarters of 2017. The company’s obligations also cover equipment installation supervision at the construction site and training of the customer’s personnel. So far, this is the largest PMTT’s project ever.

Engagement in equipping such significant Russian petrochemical facility will allow PMTT to expand into a new sales market and to acquire considerable references in the sphere of high-voltage and high-capacity transformers.