Joint Venture between Power Machines OJSC and Toshiba Corporation to execute new order for FGC UES

Power Machines – Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC is to supply equipment for renewal of the 220 kV transformer substation Dalnyaya, which ensures power and capacity exchange between the grid systems of the Moscow Region and the Vladimir Region. 

Elektrocentromontazh OJSC, Russia’s largest company in the area of installation and adjustment of power equipment and automation facilities at power plants and substations, acts in the capacity of a general contractor under the project to renew the substation Dalnyaya.

The project provides for stage-by-stage disconnection and dismantling of two transformers with voltage class of 220 kV and capacity of 40 MVA each, which were installed at the substation 50 years ago and have fully worked out their lifetime allowance. Transformers with equivalent capacities, manufactured by Power Machines – Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC are to be installed and mounted in their place. Their delivery and supervised installation is to be performed by specialists from the manufacturing plant. 

In the course of the renewal process, new microprocessor-type relay protection and control systems are to be mounted and a fire fighting system is to be enhanced. All construction, installation, start-up and commissioning works are planned to be carried out within the boundaries of the existing power facility without reduction of reliability of electricity supply to consumers. The renewed substation is to be put into service in October 2015.

A Long-Term Cooperation Agreement between FGC UES and Power Machines OJSC was signed in 2011. It provides for satisfaction of the grid company’s demands for state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment and localization of power transformer production in Russia. So far, the companies have also reached an agreement to expand a range of transformer equipment produced by the Joint Venture for the needs of the power grid complex.

The 220 kV substation Dalnyaya was built in 1964. Its installed capacity equals 205 MVA. The substation Dalnyaya ensures power and capacity exchange between the grid systems of the Moscow Region and the Vladimir Region. Uninterrupted operation of the substation determines reliability of power supply of a number of settlements in the Noginsky District of the Moscow Region, including Chernogolovka Township with population of about 21,000 people, as well as Aleksandrov Township in the Aleksandrovsky District of the Vladimir Region. Among the substation’s consumers are a range of industrial facilities, including a field testing site of Metrovagonmash OJSC.