International Global Energy Prize winners visited Power Machines

On June 17, 2015 Power Machines hosted a meeting of the Company’s design bureau management and employees with the International Global Energy Prize winners: Shuji Nakamura – Professor of the University of California (USA), awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, and Jayant Baliga – Distinguished Professor of the North Carolina University (USA).

The visit of Shuji Nakamura and Jayant Baliga to Power Machines was held within framework of the Global Energy Prize winners week, which will end with a solemn ceremony of winners awarding. The event was also attended by representatives of the Administration of St. Petersburg, Russian Academy of Science, Global Energy Non-profit Partnership, St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and engineering specialists of Power Machines.

Igor Grekhov – Academician of RAS, Head of the Division of Solid State Physics of the Ioffe Physics and Technology Institute of RAS, performed before the audience after the reports by Shuji Nakamura and Jayant Baliga. The Russian scientist’s report was on prospects for the development of pulse semiconductor electronics. Incidentally, it was Academician Grekhov who proposed to award Jayant Baliga with the Global Energy prize!

“The peculiarity of power and electrical engineering is that prospects for the development of this industry are based on the foundation of science. And the science has never been regional by nature, it is inherently international and cosmopolitan and based on the principles of international cooperation and creative exchange. Our meeting is a clear confirmation of this fact,” – said Roman Filippov, Director General of Power Machines OJSC, in his welcoming speech.

The International Global Energy prize is an independent award for outstanding scientific research and technology developments in the energy sphere, which contribute to increase the efficiency and environmental safety of energy sources on Earth for the benefit of humanity. Since 2003, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 31 winners from 10 countries: UK, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Russia, US, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Japan. In 2015 the prize fund amounted to 33 million rubles. The final choice of winners is decided by the International Committee of the Global Energy Prize, which consists of 25 respected scientists from 10 countries, including Yury Petrenya, Deputy General Director and Technical Director of Power Machines OJSC, Professor and Corresponding Member of RAS.