Hydropower unit No. 5 having been modernized by Power Machines for Votkinskaya HPP has been put into operation

Power Machines has modernized the hydropower unit (HPU) No.5 being the third of a dozen hydropower units belonging to Votkinskaya HPP and subject to modernization under the Complex Modernization Program (CMP) adopted by RusHydro. The equipment has been put into operation in line with the approved Schedule of Commissioning of HPU at Votkinskaya HPP. 

The works led by specialists from Power Machines included replacement of adjustable-blade turbine, generator, and auxiliary equipment. The automated control system has been also modernized. Putting the HPU into operation was preceded by necessary startup and adjustment activities including individual and functional tests.  

The new turbine and generator by Power Machines have enhanced properties, they are characterized by improved reliability and a high level of ecological safety.  

Earlier, in July 2017, Votkinskaya HPP got the first modernized HPU (assigned number 4 at the plant) put into operation, and 2018 saw the commissioning of the second HPU after modernization (assigned number7 the plant).  

It is worth mentioning that in 2014 upon results of a tender, RusHydro and Power Machines signed a contract on complex replacement of a dozen of HPUs at Votkinskaya HPP under PCM implemented by RusHydro, one HPU per year. According to the contract conditions, "Power machines" shall fabricate and deliver to Votkinskaya HPP ten sets of hydropower equipment each of them shall include adjustable-blade turbine in combination of a control system, hydrogenerator as well as auxiliary equipment of the hydropower unit.” The contract also envisages installation, supervisory installation, and startup-adjustment works.  

The modernization is planned to result in complete replacement of all hydropowers at Votkinskaya HPP. New, more effective turbines and generators will enable an increase in power of NPP by 130 MW which will be 1150 MW in total.