Hydropower unit manufactured by Power Machines was successufully tested at Punta Negra HPP in Argentina

72-hour long integrated testing of hydropower unit No. 1 manufactured by Power Machines has been successfully completed at Punta Negra HPP under construction in Argentina. The equipment proved its high performance and reliability.

Currently, the works to prepare for load testing of hydropower unit No. 2 are underway. Their completion is scheduled for July 2016.

Under the contract with the Argentinian UTE (consortium of the Techint and Panedile construction companies) signed in 2011, in total, Power Machines supplied Punta Negra HPP with two radial-axial hydropower turbines each having a capacity of 31.62 MW, including pre-turbine gate valves with a diameter of 2.6 m, adjusting equipment, and two generators complete with excitation systems.

The power plant having the capacity of 62.9 MW will be commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Punta Negra HPP is one of the power plants to be included into the HPP cascade at the San Juan river. Its construction follows the construction of Los Caracoles HPP also equipped with the equipment manufactured by Power Machines.

This Argentinian HPP will become the 18th HPP in Latin America to be equipped with the Power Machines equipment.