Hydraulic turbine runner for Bureiskaya HPP was carried across the town at night

OJSC “Power Machines” has completed manufacturing and shipping of the turbine runner of the 355 MW hydraulic turbine for the fifth, the last but one power unit of Bureiskaya HPP. The 102 t turbine runner was shipped from the plant last night and delivered to Pulkovo Airport wherefrom it will be carried to the Amurskaya Region by cargo aircraft An-124 Ruslan.

This is the fifth time that the unique operation of air carriage of such a heavy cargo is carried out. Polyot Airlines that specializes in transportation of heavy and large cargoes is traditionally acting as the partner of OJSC “Power Machines” in this project. Given the weight and dimensions of the turbine runner (weight 102 t, diameter 6.34 m, height 3.17 m) the transportation of the runner across the town can be carried out only in the night time when there is no much traffic.

Today the turbine runner will be delivered to Zavitinsk military airfield located 80 km from the Settlement of Talakan, wherefrom it will be carried by truck tractors to the Bureiskaya HPP erection site.

Apart from hydraulic turbines OJSC “Power Machines” supplies to Bureiskaya HPP hydraulic generators of the same capacity. The generators erection works are already carried out on the fifth and sixth hydropower units of the station.

The commissioning of the fifth hydropower unit is expected in June this year.

OJSC “Power Machines” has been supplying power generating equipment to Bureiskaya HPP starting from 2001. Currently four power units of Bureiskaya HPP are in operation using the equipment supplied by OJSC “Power Machines.” Also, the hydraulic turbine is currently being manufactured and the hydraulic generator equipment is being shipped for the sixth hydropower unit of the station.

Bureiskaya HPP is the largest hydropower project being constructed in Russia for the last 15 years. The aggregate capacity of its six power units will be approximately 2000 MW. The particular feature of the project is the decision on the step-by-step commissioning of the power units ahead of the commissioning of the whole station, which will allow to make the project fully profitable by the time the works are completed.

Commissioning of Bureiskaya HPP will significantly increase the power supply to the Far East and will contribute into improving the social and ecological conditions for the local population.