Hydraulic equipment by Power Machines has operated at Rybinskaya HPP for 75 years

A turbine manufactured at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and a generator manufactured at Electrosila Plant commissioned in November 1941 have operated smoothly as part of Hydropower Unit 1 of Rybinskaya HPP for nearly 75 years.

It should be noted that service life of early turbines and generators was about 25 years while the requirement for present-day units manufactured by Power Machines is 40 years. At the expiration of such period, an integrated survey is conducted, which serves as the basis for the decision on the possibility of prolongation of the operating period. Having operated for 75 years, Hydropower Unit 1 of Rybinskaya HPP has exceeded its service life three times.

"The equipment for Rybinskaya hydro power plant was manufactured at LMZ and Electrosila Plant in time of peace, but delivered, assembled and commissioned - at a time of war," Roman Filippov, Director General of Power Machines, remarks. "It was far from easy, but high quality and responsible attitude have always been compulsory production requirements. These values have been conveyed from one generation to the next one at Power Machines plants. Entire families have worked here, we have a rich history of labor dynasties, which is carefully maintained by our experienced employees and passed over to young professionals".