First machinery commissioned at transformer plant operated by joint venture of Toshiba Corporation and Power Machines OJSC

A shot-blasting chamber for metalwork treatment has been commissioned at a blank preparation and welding shop of the high-voltage transformer production plant. This is the first processing equipment at the site and it is completely ready for operation under regular production conditions.

The shot-blasting chamber, delivered by the Itman Company (Russia), is designed for the treatment of transformer tanks, as well as other units and parts of transformers. According to test results, the shot-blasting chamber shows high results in terms of performance and surface treatment quality.

Simultaneously, installation of two painting chambers, a hydraulic bending press and other metal-working machinery is underway at the blank preparation and welding shop.

Equipping of other production and test facilities of the plant, being under construction, is also in progress.

Transformer winding drying equipment produced by Wilhelm Hedrich Vakuumanlagen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) is being installed at a winding and insulation shop. So far, the first of the three drying chambers has been successfully tested. Alongside with that, coiling Machines by the LAE Company (Italy) were delivered to the plant's site. Their installation is scheduled to commence in early September 2013.

Installation of active part drying equipment by Wilhelm Hedrich Vakuumanlagen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) continues at an assembly shop. Equipment for magnetic system production by the Georg Company (Germany) was shipped for a magnetic circuit site.

Transformer oil tanks were manufactured and installed, while installation of oil pipes is in progress.

Fit-out works in the test centre are at the closing stage. The deliveries of test equipment are scheduled for the end of September 2013. The plant's test centre will be fully automated and will enable full-scope performance of standard and acceptance tests of transformers with voltage class of up to 750 kV and more.

Production of the first transformer is scheduled to commence in Q4 2013. Today, designing of the ТРМН-type
63 MVA transformer of the 110 kV voltage class with low-voltage divided winding is at the completion stage. The transformer will be operated at the new production facility of Power Machines OJSC in the Metallostroi industrial area. Under the order of Power Machines OJSC, two transformers of this type will be produced.

Furthermore, an administration and amenity building was commissioned at the transformer plant's site, and fit-out works in the administration and design building are nearing completion. Arrangement of engineering utilities, including start-up of the boiler equipment, also proceeds to completion. Activities on beautification of the adjacent territory – fencing of the site, arrangement of inner roads and railways, installation of light equipment – are underway.

Commissioning of the transformer plant is scheduled for the end of 2013, launch of production – for 2014. Total amount of investment exceeds 5 bln roubles.

The high-voltage transformer production plant is a joint venture of Power Machines OJSC and Toshiba Corporation, the leading producers and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the power plant industry. Construction of the plant is carried out at the production site of Power Machines OJSC in the Metallostroi industrial area (Kolpino District, St. Petersburg).
The joint venture will make it possible to solve the problems associated with comprehensive upgrade of the main power grid network basing on the front-edge and innovative technologies. Output of products will start in 2014. The product range will include power transformers and auto-type transformers with voltage class of 110–750 kV and capacity of over 25 MVA, in particular those of the three-phase design, as well as shunt rectors of the 500–750 kV voltage class.