Equipment being produced for Boguchanskaya HPP

Power Machines manufactured the 4th hydraulic generator, and shipped major assemblies for the 5th hydraulic turbine of Boguchanskaya HPP – a plant in Krasnoyarskiy Kray which is constructed jointly by RusHydro JSC and UC RUSAL.

Power Machines, on one side, and the two companies that jointly undertook the construction project – RusHydro JSC and UC RUSAL, – on the other side, signed contracts for manufacturing hydroturbine and hydrogenerator equipment for Boguchanskaya HPP project in 2006 and 2007. The total price of the contract amounts to over 6 bln rubles. Deadline for equipment procurement is scheduled for 2012. Under the terms of the contracts, Power Machines company is to design, manufacture and supply nine turbines and nine generators rated at 333 MW each. Furthermore, specialists from St. Petersburg power engineering company will supervise installation activities and manage start-up operations for all the equipment.

So far, Power Machines produced and supplied four sets of hydroturbine equipment, including turbine runners, and three sets of hydrogenerator equipment. Hydrogenerator’s heaviest component – central part of the rotor frame – weighs 90 t and its diameter is 5 m. In terms of their weight and size, turbine runners at Boguchanskaya HPP are the largest runners among those produced in Russia over the recent decades. Each turbine runner has a diameter of 7.86 m and weighs 155.6 t.

In September 2009, Power Machines produced a runner for the 5th turbine, which will be shipped in summer 2010 during the navigation season – due to its large size the runner can only be transported by sea.

Power Machines’ branches will soon ship the 4th hydraulic generator, and also continue works to produce the 5th hydraulic generator and the 6th hydraulic turbine.