Employees of Severgroup Companies Took Part in an Environmental Initiative in Pulkovo Park

On October 20, Pulkovo Park in St. Petersburg became a venue of a joint environmental initiative called "EcoPark: From Factory Workers to the City", organized by the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg, Severgroup member enterprises and the Administration of the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg. 

The participants of the eco clean-up event were welcomed by the Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg, Maksim Meyksin, and the Head of the Moskovsky district Administration, Vladimir Ushakov. 

During the initiative, top managers and employees of “Power machines”, SVEZA and Severstal, which are members of OOO “Severgroup”, as well as representatives of the City Improvement Committee cleared the park from fallen leaves. The event resulted in collecting 460 bags full of leaves. Severgroup representatives also took part in planting 8 linden trees along one of the park alleys. 

"The initiative of the Moskovsky district and industrial enterprises of our city is great: today, we together made our city even better, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly," Maksim Meyksin commented. "The most important thing is that we, officials and industrialists, were able to work together for the benefit of our beloved city." 

During the event, the participants and their families enjoyed the performance of DJs and entertainers, and those visitors to the park who also wanted to join the leaves clean-up were provided with equipment and gloves. Children, together with their parents, painted and hung in Pulkovo Park as many as 20 bird feeders, and at the end of the event the participants released 50 crucians into the pond. 

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For “Power machines”, such activities have already become traditional — last year, the company representatives took part in cleaning the coastal part of the Gulf of Finland from garbage, as well as planting maple, chestnut and linden alleys in the Pioneer Park in St. Petersburg. This time the company was represented mainly by the employees of Electrosila Plant, which was not accidental. The plant, which celebrated its 120th anniversary this year, is located in the Moskovsky district.