EMAlliance and Krasny Kotelshchik announce new appointments

PJSC EMAlliance, a part of the largest Russian power-plant engineering concern OJSC Power Machines, and PJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik, the production facility of PJSC EMAlliance, have announced new management reshuffles. The Board of Directors, that held a session on October 3, made a resolution on electing, as the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ilya Subbotin who, until later, held a post of the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. At the same time, Ilya Subbotin has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of PJSC EMAlliance. Mr. Ilya Subbotin has superseded Mr. Alexander Shkarupa as the Chief Executive Officer of PJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik, who will continue working at the Company as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for production – Chief Engineer, and Mr. Dmitriy Tarasov as the Chief Executive Officer of PJSC EMAlliance, who will also continue working at the Company as the First Deputy Chief Executive Officer for sales. Earlier, both Top Managers were appointed by the Company to the executive positions for a limited period of three months. The main Mr. Iliya Subbotin’s strategic missions in the new office will be the increase in the scope of production, cost cutout, improvement of the product quality, business process optimization, and investment program implementation. Currently, PJSC EMAlliance’s assets integration process into the concern Power Machines is being completed: sales, procurement and production processes are being optimized, a joint work on the innovative technologies is being carried out, and partnership with foreign companies is under active development. Business system projects aimed at the increase in the internal efficiency in accordance with the global best practices are being implemented – the ongoing optimization of production processes, improvement of the design developments, safety at work, customer satisfaction and improvement of the business process efficiency.


Mr. Ilya Subbotin was born in 1981 in the village Reftinsky of Sverdlovsk Region. In 2003 he graduated from the Ural State Technical University – USTU (Yekaterinburg) with the specialties “Corporate Budgeting” and “Renewable Energy Sources” (Heat Power Department). Since 2003 till 2008 he was employed by the Coca-Cola HBC Evraziya LLC. (Yekaterinburg and Moscow), where he had climbed up the job ladder from the Internal Auditor to the budgeting, business economics and treasury group leader. Since 2008 till 2011 he worked at the gold-mining segment of Severstal-Resurs Ltd. as the Company Chief Financial Officer in the Republic of Kazkhstan (acquisition – Celtic Resources Holdings Ltd). Since 2011 till 2013 he was employed by JSC Fortum (former TGK-10) as the Regional Finance Director. In March 2013 he was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of PJSC EMAlliance and PJSC Krasny Kotelshchik. Since October 4 2013 he is Chief Executive Officer of PJSC EMAlliance and PJSC Krasny Kotelshchik. Married, has got a daughter.