El Cajon Hydro Power Plant with equipment supplied by OJSC "Power Machines" commissioned in Mexico

OJSC “Power Machines” successfully completed the 200-hour testing and strictly in accordance with the contract time schedule put into commercial operation the first 325 MW unit for El Cajon HPP, which is the largest power generating plant in Mexico.

The contract for El Cajon HPP “turnkey” construction project was entered into in March 2003 between the Federal Commission for Electric Power of Mexico and OJSC “Power Machines” as a member of the international consortium including major Mexican construction companies, such as ICA and La Nacional. signing of the contract became the most successful achievement of OJSC “Power Machines” in the Latin America’s market in the last decade.

Hydraulic generators supplied to El Cajon HPP are the most powerful among those supplied by OJSC “Power Machines” to power plants abroad. The generators have improved technical characteristics. In particular, at the request of the Customer the generator voltage was increased up to 17 KV in contrast with the generally provided 15.75 KV. The (rated) capacity of each generator equals to 375 MW and the maximum capacity is 416.7 MW what explains their large dimensions: the frame diameter is 13.8 m and the height – 4.4 m. Given the significant dimensions of the generator components and the transportation route used for carriage of the generator parts from the manufacturing facility to the erection site the packing and transportation issues were of major focus in the course of the project implementation.

In accordance with the contract time schedule the commissioning of the second power unit for El Cajon HPP is expected by May 31, 2007.

El Cajon HPP construction is one of the largest power projects in Mexico in the last years while for OJSC “Power Machines” it became the first and the most significant project in Mexico after the 10 years interval. Earlier in 1992 – 1995 OJSC “Power Machines” supplied hydro power equipment for Aguamilpa and Huites power plants which showed successful performance and was awarded a “Reliable Supplier” certificate by the Federal Commission for Electric Power of Mexico.

El Cajon hydro power plant (Mexico) is built on the Santiago River in the State of Nayarit in Mexico and will generate power for the Town of Guadalahara and local industrial enterprises, and thereby is expected to stimulate the economic growth in the region. El Cajon is considered a unique power plant for many reasons, in particular, the dam erected for the plant is the world highest dam of that type (ferroconcrete-faced rock-fill).

The aggregate power capacity of the plant equals to 750 MW and the dam height is180 m.