Eco-Mission of Power Machines in the Primorsky District of St. Petersburg

On April 29, employees of Power Machines took part in "Eco-Mission at the Baltic", a campaign conducted jointly with the St. Petersburg government on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the village of Lisy Nos, Primorsky District.

During the environmental action, the company's employees together with their relatives and friends cleared the coastal strip of the Gulf of Finland from litter and debris. Having joined efforts, employees of Power Machines and representatives of other industrial enterprises of the city collected more than 6 tons of garbage.

Participants of the campaign were greeted by Maxim Meyksin, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Industrial Policy and Innovations Committee. "Much is being done to improve the environmental situation in St. Petersburg. A huge contribution to the common cause is made by industrial enterprises that replace old equipment with more environmentally friendly options, install modern cleaning systems, build specialized treatment facilities, introduce environmental standards, and retrain staff," remarked M. Meyksin. "Voluntary initiatives help make the city cleaner and more beautiful, and also serve to unite the teams of enterprises participating in the campaigns."

"The year 2017 has been declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. Being the largest power engineering company in the country, we will respond to this by enhancing responsibility for labor safety, production ecology, and environmental protection in all areas of our presence," emphasized Roman Philippov, Power Machines General Director. "I am pleased to note that Power Machines has started many good traditions in recent years. Now we regularly hold open days at the company, we have joined the international Generous Tuesday campaign and begun the practice of annual subbotniks — voluntary Saturday work. All this is part of corporate culture, and it can only be built on the basis of personal engagement and a proactive attitude to life!"

For reference:

Power Machines spend considerable amounts of funds to eliminate identified problems, to develop new capacities and environmentally friendly production lines: 

— Total gross emissions into the air resulting from the company's activities do not exceed the established limits.

— In 2016 Power Machines together with Vodokanal of St. Petersburg SUE developed action plans for KTL, LMZ and Elektrosila to reduce the discharge of sewage and pollutants into the centralized sewage system in St. Petersburg. 

— In 2016, the company re-issued 15 passports for hazardous waste, conducted studies on the efficiency of cleaning anti-dust and anti-gas devices, and took an inventory of sources of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.